We Buy Houses Council Bluffs – How To Save Money On The Sale Of Your Home

We Buy Houses Council Bluffs

At Bruce Buys Houses Fast we buy houses council bluffs When you first decide to sell your house, you get an appraisal that gives you an idea of how much your house is worth. But a home is not just an investment – it has personal and emotional connections. Many homeowners, therefore, feel that their home is of greater value than what it can realistically sell for.

They have stars in their eyes and can’t see further than the profits that they are likely to make. What they aren’t considering are the costs involved with selling a house, the time it takes, and that the higher the price, the longer it is going to take to sell.

There is one way to avoid the expenses associated with selling a home so that you get more profit from the sale. We buy houses Council Bluffs and aim to eliminate unwanted costs.

Costs Associated With Selling A House

There are many different costs associated with selling your home including:

  • A home valuation or appraisal fee.
  • Real estate agent or broker fees and commission.
  • Legal fees and lawyer fees.
  • Early settlement fees from your mortgage or home loan holder.
  • Costs for repairs and renovations.
  • Transfer and closing costs.

We buy houses Council Bluffs and will eliminate these costs in the following ways:

No Home Valuation

We only conduct a home appraisal for our own needs in order to determine an offer that is fair market value. In most cases, we will schedule an appointment to view the property, at your convenience, within 24 hours of contacting us. There are occasions where a viewing may be difficult or impossible in which case we may make an exception and accept photos of the property.

There is no charge for viewing your property or for the appraisal that we make.

No Agents Fees Or Commission

We are not real estate agents. We are real estate investors and are buying your property directly from you. We aren’t going to list your property, market it and find the right buyer. So we aren’t going to charge any commission or other realtor fees. You can save up to 6% on agent’s commissions by selling your house to us.

Legal And Lawyers Fees

Realtors often offer a standard sales agreement or contract for the buyer and seller to sign and make the necessary amendments. They may charge a legal or admin fee to provide this service. It is always recommended to have your own property lawyer have a look at the sales agreement before signing. A lawyer will charge a fee to do this.

We will not charge you any legal fees to provide the contract. It is a simple contract because we are buying your house directly from you, for cash and won’t require any repairs or renovations to be made to the home. However, you are free to pay a lawyer to look over the contract before you sign and we finalize the transaction.

Early Settlement Fees

Your mortgage or home loan provider is looking forward to receiving interest, service fees, and other payments from you well into the future. If you sell your home now, it means that they will forego part of their profits so they may charge you an early settlement fee to make up for those losses. There isn’t much we can do to eliminate this fee but if your property is in foreclosure, we can negotiate with your mortgage provider to forego expensive legal and other fees as well as early settlement costs.

Repairs And Renovations

Repairs and renovations are costly and time-consuming affairs but are often necessary in order to bring your home up-to-date and make it more attractive to potential buyers. We buy houses Council Bluffs in any condition. Whether your home needs a few basic repairs, an entire remodel or some updates, we don’t want you to waste your time or money. We buy houses Council Bluffs and are even prepared to make offers on condemned properties. Remember to take into account the amount you save on these tasks when it comes to considering our offer to buy your home.

No Transfer And Closing Costs

Bruce Buys Houses Fast will take care of all the costs involved with the transfer of the property and closing. If all goes well, we should be able to close the sale within 10 days of accepting our offer. If there are any obstacles such as a lien on the property or foreclosure, it may take a little longer to finalize the sale. This said, you get to choose the closing date.

We Buy Houses Council Bluffs, Fast

There simply is no monetary value that can be placed on time. selling your house the traditional method using an estate agent can take months. Apart from all the money that you will save when you sell to us, you will also be saving a significant amount of time.

Contact us today to make you a cash offer to buy your house and remember that their are no additional charges, fees or commissions to deduct from the amount. The offer we make is the amount that you will receive, in cash for the sale of your home.

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